Wedding & Engagement Decorations

At Sri Sowbarnikaa Decorator, we specialize in wedding and engagement decorations. With our experienced staff of decorators and creative designers, your special event will be one to remember. From draping fabrics over arches or columns inside the hall venue to arranging chairs outside for an outdoor ceremony – no detail is overlooked! Our specialists understand that weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so they strive to make it memorable from start to finish. We offer custom packages tailored exactly according to each individual’s taste and requirements; whether you prefer bold colors with plenty of glitter or simple flower arrangements made from fresh seasonal blooms – whatever your style may be at Sri Sowbarnika Decorator we can help create the perfect backdrop for lasting memories on your big day.

Our extensive range of services includes but not limited too take care of entrance/stage design & decoration along with theme based décor including innovative backdrops & wall treatments as well as stunning floral displays both indoors and outdoors accentuated by lighting effects combined with many other offerings such as mandap display planning etc., Ultimately making sure that when the alluring looks created catch everyone’s attention, they feel enchanted by its beauty until long after it ends! So if you want someone who shares similar vision like yours then get ready now because here at Sri Sowbarnikaa Decorator creating enchanting moments like these is what we live for!